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Odd-even pricing  قیمتگذاری غیرمعمول The practice which assumes that consumers will perceive prices such as $40.95 as being “$۴۰ and something” rather than as “almost $50”.
Cost-plus pricing  قیمتگذاری افزون بر هزینه، قیمت‌گذاری بالاتر از هزینه، روش قیمت اضافه بر بهای اصل A strategy that assumes a basic cost per unit and then adds a markup to provide a margin that covers overhead costs and returns a profit
Cost/volume/profit analysis  هزینه / حجم / تجزیه و تحلیل سود An approach which calculates the effect on profits of different prices, given different levels of demand in response to those prices
Price-off promotions  ترفیع فروش با کاهش قیمت A strategy that involves temporary price reductions to retailers with the intent that savings will be passed along to consumers
Non-price competition  رقابت غیر قیمتی When firm’s strategy is advanced by components of the marketing mix other than price: the product itself, the distribution system, or the promotional campaign
Push money  پول فشار – پرداخت به واسط Special bonuses paid by a marketer to an intermediary’s sales force
Quantity discounts  تخفیفات مقداری Price concessions that are based either on number of units purchased or on the total dollar amount; they are used to encourage larger orders from a single buyer
Rebates  تخفیفات بعد از فروش A promotional method which provides for financial returns to buyers from the manufacturer after the purchase has taken place
Cash refund offer (rebate)  بازپرداخت نقدی ارائه شده پس از خرید Offer to refund part of the purchase price of a product to consumers who send a “proof of purchase” to the manufacturer
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